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Since I've sync'd my iphone with my MAC Address book - I can no longer use my MAC AB Search bar.

Finding a contact means scrolling the entire list each time. VERY time consuming especially if there's a key-word I remember and a contact name I cannot.


I must either DE-Sync these files or Fix the problem that must exist so that I can search any of my 3345 contacts


Please send any suggestions soon (Before I start thinking of going PC again!!!)


Thanks for your help y'all!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5661857    This is where I found my answer to my own question (benefit of finding new ways of wording to describe dilemma)


    I did like brunoigloo's suggestion (via Barney 15e's 'fix')


    it worked! (Using iMAC OS X 10.7.5)


    Export contacts (archive) (it is CRITICAL that you have backup of your contacts) (I had 1680 contacts in my file)

    then go to Address book folder via FINDER by using the OPTION button on GO menu which reveals the parthenon lcon (library) (((I tried EVERY other way to find this file and could not!!)))

    Try it!

    click on FINDER

    click on 'GO' at top (leave menu down)

    hold OPTION key and watch for appearance of the parthenon icon and click on it while it's displayed


    click on ADDRESS BOOK then expand column to read all file names


    Find AddressBook-v22.abcddb file and drag it to trash (I'd ONLY do this after a backup!!)


    When testing the address book search feature, I had instant success when searching even without emptying my trash! I emptied the trash, rebooted and checked again.

    WHALLLAHHH!!! Success.

    I'd been manually finding contacts by scrolling for so long now that this is like finding cool water after too long in the desert!!

    Thanks to you Barney and Brunoigloo!!