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I have a few MiniDV camcorder tapes I am trying to transfer.  I've transferred 3.5 hours of footage so far and FCP X has divided into over 1000 clips.

Is this caused by drop-outs.


I've cleaned the camera heads, but still no improvement.  The camera looks nothing like there oringal.  If I do a direct copy to DVD via a standlone machine it just plays as normal.  However, going throgh Mac Pro there are small gaps ebtween clips and makes playback very gittery.  Is there a problem with my camera, Mac, hard drive or something else.


It's as if there is a problem with drop-out files?


Canera connected directly from Firewire 400 from camera to front of mac.


Any help and advice greatly appreciated.


Many thanks


Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)