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I have Office 2011 for the Mac on my iMac, but long ago I stopped using the Outlook app.  I still use Excel, Word and PowerPoint.  I would like to unregister the .vcf extention from Outlook and instead register it to Apple Contacts.  This way if I open a .vcf file, a Contact card will open and I would be able to save it to my Apple Contacts.

Is it possilble to do this?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9), MacBook Air, IPad v1, Apple TV v2
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    I discovered the answert to my own question:

    1. Contacts: Select a Contact->File->Export->Export vCard
    2. Click once on the vCard you created - Do Not try to open it by clicking twice
    3. CMD+I or right click -> Get Info
    4. In the window with the Information in the Open with dropdown, select Open wiith: Contacts.app
    5. Click the Change All button
    6. Close the Info window

    From now on all files with a .vcf extention will open Contacts

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    Note that doing so will import the vCard into Contacts. If you just want to look at it and not import it, you can QuickLook it by pressing the Spacebar with the vCard selected.

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    Agreed - if you do open the vCard and it is a duplicate, you will get an opportunity to either add it to Contact of cancel.

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    When I click on the .vcf file, I am not able to access "Get Info" (ie, it doesn't come up when I right click and it doesn't come up when I Cmd-I).  In the case of Cmd-I, I actually get the audible tick sound, which usually means that the keys I've pressed are not active.


    Any ideas?

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    You should post your own question, as this one his has been marked solved on Jan 26, 2014.