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I'm editing a project where an additional recorder (Zoom H4n) was used and synched to the camcorder track with Plural Eyes.  Some of the sampling and bit rates don't match within the Plural Eyes synchronized clips and I need to send this out for a sound mix.  Could I use Compressor to transcode the audio? Would I have to go back to my original separate tracks, transcode in Compressor and then re-synch using Plural Eyes?  Next time ProRes from the beginning -

but if there's an easier fix for my current problem it would be much appreciated.

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    I was able to use Compressor but when I use the "best" setting to transcode the audio the clip duration changes by one additional frame.  I will try the setting below "best" out of curiousity -- but I'm also wondering, anyone

    out there know what it will mean in terms of post if I go in on the FCP timeline and just change the duration of

    the transcoded clip (correct sampling and bit rate courtesy of Compressor) back to the original duration, i.e. one

    frame less (the original clip duration before exporting to Compressor).

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    compressor should work, and I can't imagine a one frame drift is going to make a difference.  You might try doing a media manage of the audio.  Not sure if it'll have a problem with different sampling and bit rates.


    FWIW, It's never a good idea to mix sampling rates in the timeline.  FCP may be able to handle it, but you can't count on it, and it's liable to raise issues down the road.

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    Thanks Michael -- you've helped me with the project before (back in May of this year). 


    I started this project  as a newby back in 2010 and was a bit overwhelmed (i.e. just happy to get everything into FCP and be able to edit.)


    I'll try the media manage solution, but if that doesn't work I think I'll live with the one-frame drift.  I'm assuming

    the only other alternative would be to go back to all the original video and audio files; transcode using Compressor, and then re-synch with Plural Eyes and go back in to match up the edits?


    Thanks to your continuing help, I should know how to set things up correctly from the get go for the next one!