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I've made a spreadsheet in Numbers 2.3 for keeping track of FIFA standings for a group. Because the scores are empty, the formulas think it’s a 0. This is a problem for the draw column since it thinks that the scores are equal. Is there a function I’m missing here that I can add to my Draw column (E) to ignore the cells if blank? I'm sorry if this is solved, but I've been looking and cannot find anything I can use or understand. Thanks for the help.


A link to the spreadsheet is here.




Running Numbers 2.3 on Mavericks.



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    Hi Tim,


    Interesting question!


    Here's a possible solution. It requires two auxiliary columns (which may and should be hidden) to be added to Table 1, and a new formula to count the draws in Table 1-1, column D:

    Table 1:

    Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 12.26.15 AM.png

    Columns F and G are the auxiliary columns. The formulas below are entered into row 2, then filled down to row 6.


    F2: ="-"&B2&"-"&E2&"-"&IF(AND(LEN(C)>0,LEN(D)>0),"XXX-","")


    This constructs a string consisting of the names of the opposing teams (from columns B and E) plus a code ( XXX ) that indicates scores have been entered for both teams (ie, the game has been played).


    G2: =C=D


    This returns TRUE if cells in column C and D have identical contents, and FALSE if their contents differ. TRUE indicates a possible draw, FALSE that one or the other team has won.


    Table 1-1

    Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 12.26.50 AM.png

    The formula below is entered in D2, and filled down to D5:


    D2: =COUNTIFS(Table 1 :: $F,"=*"&A2&"*",Table 1 :: $F,"=*XXX*",Table 1 :: $G,TRUE)


    Syntax for COUNTIFS is COUNTIFS(test-values,condition,test-values,condition,test-values,condition)


    There are two tests on values in column F:

    • Does it contain the team name for whom we are counting draws?
    • Does it contain the string "XXX" (Has the game been played?)

    There is one test of the values in column G:

    • Is the value TRUE? (Do both teams have the same score—including both having no score–?)


    If all three conditions are TRUE, the row (game) is added to this teams Draw count.





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    I'd introduce an auxially column F in Table 1 to hold a 4-state flag to represent the relation of scores x, y in the row, i.e.,


        blank for x and y are blank

        -1 for x < y

        0 for x = y

        1 for x > y


    and use this flag to calculate the W, D, and L in Table 1-1 by using formulae as listed below. I'd also use SUMIFS() in calculating + and  - in Table 1-1 for better maintainablitily. Formulae for rows 3 through end are to be generated by filling down the forumlae in row 2.



    Table 1

    F2    =IF(LEN(C2&D2)=0, "", IF(C2=D2, 0, IF(C2>D2, 1, IF(C2<D2, -1))))



    Table 1-1

    D1    W
    D2    =COUNTIFS(Table 1 :: B, A2, Table 1 :: F, 1)+COUNTIFS(Table 1 :: E, A2, Table 1 :: F, -1)
    E1    D
    E2    =COUNTIFS(Table 1 :: B, A2, Table 1 :: F, 0)+COUNTIFS(Table 1 :: E, A2, Table 1 :: F, 0)
    F1    L
    F2    =COUNTIFS(Table 1 :: B, A2, Table 1 :: F, -1)+COUNTIFS(Table 1 :: E, A2, Table 1 :: F, 1)
    G1    +
    G2    =SUMIFS(Table 1 :: C, Table 1 :: B, A2)+SUMIFS(Table 1 :: D, Table 1 :: E, A2)
    H1    -
    H2    =SUMIFS(Table 1 :: D, Table 1 :: B, A2)+SUMIFS(Table 1 :: C, Table 1 :: E, A2)



    Hope this may help,


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    @ Hiroto,


    "Hope this may help,"


    I like it. Much cleaner with a single column and a four state flag, and with a consistent approach to the two sets of 'totals' formulas (W, D, L and +, - ).




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    Embarrassed to see silly typos in my post.


    auxially => auxiliary

    maintainablitily => maintainability


    Hands shivered...