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I recently purchased a mac mini and waiting on its arrival.  I am converting from WinXP and my current system is not working at the moment (started smelling smoke one day and the video hasn't displayed since from the PC - so its been shut down).  I can easily fix whatever the issue is with the PC - however - my question is.  I perform periodic backup of my data files to an external drive with Windows Backup, can I restore my files from the Windows Backup to the Mac Mini?  If I don't have to fix the PC - I can save that cost and buy an CD drive for the Mini (or something else).


I haven't investigated the real problem on the PC - I just know its hardware related (not OS).


My last backup was atleast 1 month ago - so I know I might lose a couple of things....but not very much.  If its "simplier" for the migration process to fix the PC - then that is the answer but if I can extract from the external 1TB Seagate.  I think I only have 50GB of data (itunes / pictures / etc)



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