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Same as above

eMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    All USB wireless adaptors require drivers. Most do not have Mac drivers available. Check the manufacturers' web sites carefully to see if they have proper drivers.


    The most Mac-successful adaptors based on reports here come from this vendor that is a Mac specialty house:




    The ones they sell have proper drivers. However, some models require Mac OS 10.5 and early eMacs can't support higher than 10.4.11.


    The are two eMac families with two variants each. Knowing which on will help us with future questions. Please use this Apple article to find out which eMac you have and post the results (but don't tell us your serial number):




    That will make our helping you easier and faster

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    Hi Allen.  I too have an eMac, however my last three digits (NLV) are not shown in the chart your link shows.  I do have ATI graphics though so I assume that would be the catigory in which my  machine belongs.  I bought it in 2003 as a rebuilt, is it possible they change the serial # when they rebuild them?


    TIA  ......goldie

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    If the Logic Board is replaced, it'll have a newer Serial#.

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    I have no idea what they did to it.  A friend of my son's who worked at Apple recommended it.  It's a little jewel and the only reason I bought a newer one is because the screen is so small and I can't get it to enlarge the text without going outside the window and having to scroll back and forth which is a real bummer when reading anything of length.  Since the number is not included in the charts, I guess I'll have to assume they did change the logic board.  I've heard that the best buy is a rebuilt since every item has been double checked.   Ten years now and the only thing I've had to do to it is change the battery a couple of times.

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    On the text reading, is that in some App like a browser, Mail, or such?

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    In Appearances in System Preferances, it won't allow me to enlarge the text on any of the pages unless I use Universal Access "Enlarge" (C+Option+ "+").  This is the eMac we're talking about now.  In Detect Displays, I can read the text fine in 600x800, but have to shuttle back and forth in a full page display and it crowds out all the tool bar icons in the internet browsers.  To fit the screen I use 1024x768 which makes the text miniscule. 


    On the iMac (this one) 1280x720 is perfect but on the eMac it reduces the picture to the size of a post card.

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    Sorry, still not sure where his text is being viewed, but lets say it's Safari... Safari Preferences>Appearance, select... larger fonts.