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Dear all


Here is my story... I just bought a new Airport Express (AE)


I plugged it home (WITHOUT ETHERNET CABLE I want to connect remotely on my Wifi Network) and it perfectly appeared in my Airport Utility sofware (Mac OS 10.9.


I selected "Join existing network" (Fast Web Wifi Network, I live in Milan/Italy - As in NOT to an apple airport wifi based network).


Having tried several times this afternoon, I saw the airport utilities switching networks (from mine to apple AE network factory settings) to configure the AE base-station within network preference but it always ends with a kind of "Unknow error" (without any reference code) + retry button.

As I click the retry button, another "Unknown error occured" appears and then...

The AE simply disappears (airport utility searches and does not find it) !

The led turns to green and I can't access AE

Unless I make a factory reset


For your info :

1 - I tried to plug an Ethernet cable, it "fried" my wifi connection : I had to reboot the modem and reset my wifi connection on my mac

2 - It has never been recognized by my iPad

3 - It has been recognized by my iphone 2 times and I tried to download the firmware : it never succeeded


Would anyone help me ????


Many thanks



MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    If your goal is to extend the wireless network provided by a non-Apple router with the AirPort Express AND you require that the connection between routers remain wireless, you will not be able to do so as the two will be incompatible.


    You basically only have two options: 1) Use a wired connection between them (either Ethernet or by using a pair of Powerline adapters) and configure them both for a roaming network, or 2) Get a second AirPort Express. Use the first to "join" the other router's wireless network; connect the second to the first with an Ethernet cable, and then, configure the second to provide the wireless network.

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    Hi Tesserax,


    Many thanks for your answer :-)