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I started having a problem in Excel last night. As I used the arrow to click down through cells in a column, the screen wouldn't follow. I could type information into the cell, but if it was off-screen, I couldn't see it. Also, if I centered a cell on the screen and started typing into it, the screen would zoom to some other random location on the spreadsheet.

Is this a scroll lock problem? If so, how can I fix it? I've read the suggestions in the forums for shift+F14, but there's no F14 on my keyboard.

Help and Thanks!

iBook G4
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    NPMProf, Welcome to the discussion area!

    I don't have Excel for Mac available to me at the moment but look at the menus for a command labelled "Unfreeze Panes" (In Windows version of Excel it is on the 'Windows' menu.) Select "Unfreeze Panes" and you should be able to scroll to that cell.