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(Some background information: My family shares an apple id.  We all have updated to the ios7. At one point I was getting their messages and such, so I fixed that by making my own apple id for imessage. I deleted the shared apple id account on my phone, and then added my new id. I also created an icloud using my new apple id.)





Problem #1: 

I have all of their music on my phone. Right now, when I open my music app on my iphone and push shuffle, it says I have 1700 songs. 



When I go into settings > music > and turn ON “show all music” the 1700 songs are present.



The little “download” button is to the right of the songs that are not mine when looking in my “songs list.” But when I shuffle all my songs, the songs that appear UN-downloaded can play already, although I haven’t actually downloaded them!!!???



I am not entirely sure how many of the songs are MINE.  I have been struggling with this over the past few months, it was somewhat fixed/ignored for awhile, but now there are more problems.



Problem #2:

I understand when I go into settings > music > turn OFF “show all music” the total song count goes down to around 550.  It SHOULD get rid of the songs that are not truly mine, correct?



While it DOES get rid of a large majority of the unwanted songs on my iphone, there are still quite a few songs that ARE not mine.  Also, some of MY music is no longer there.



I have tried to delete the songs ON my iphone by doing the swiping technique, but this does not work.  I CANNOT delete my family’s songs that have appeared on my phone after downloading ios7, but I CAN delete songs that I’ve had for years.





Example 1: The song “Apologize – Hollywood Undead” is in my songs after turning off “show all music” This was never a song I personally purchased/added to my itunes account.  I assume it is my brothers, but it is on my phone somehow. I am UNABLE to SWIPE DELETE this song.



Example 2: The song “Anthem – Blink182” is in my songs after turning off “show all music.” This IS one of the songs I have purchased in the past via the shared apple id.  I AM ABLE to swipe delete this song.



Example 3: During the summer of 2012 I downloaded the entire album “Believe – Justin Bieber” (lol).  The entire album is nowhere to be found.  I couldn’t tell you if it disappeared today when I was messing with itunes/iphone today, or if it has been missing for a while.  There are other songs that have just disappeared, too. 



Example 4: The songs that have disappeared on my iphone appear in my itunes and are playable.  When I sync my phone to itunes and look at the songs list of my iphone, the songs’ text are not black.  They are light grey and unplayable.  They also have a tiny grey circle in front of the title.



Can someone please help me out? I have not found any other sites/posts about how to fix these problems. 



(I have had some ideas that don’t seem very practical. I could copy all of my music to CDs to ensure they are saved, then delete all the music on my iphone, and re-upload all of MY music via the CDs.  Or possibly I could save all of my music onto a USB? I would not be entirely sure how to even go about this option, though.)



I would be very grateful if someone could help me.  Even if you personally cannot, but maybe know someone or somewhere that can fix the issue for me it would really help.