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What does the "Buy" button look like? There is no "Buy" button on my screen that I can detect. Further, Apple does not ask for my Apple ID or password. When should this happen?

I bought a song, I think, because it showed up on Purchased list, but I was never asked for Apple ID or password, as I was to make this note. Further, the beginning of the question that I wrote was clipped off -- it is repeated at the beginning of the content of this discussion. 


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    You click on an item's price to buy it - so on your screenshot (which I've asked the hosts to remove as it contains your account id) the $0.99 to the right of the songs, or the prices underneath the albums and apps.


    You are already logged into your account, so that what be asked for - and if you've entered your password within the previous 15 minutes then that also won't be asked for.