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It is stupid that we aren't able to either set a password and prevent them from changing it, or take away the ability to set one.  That or Apple needs to stop pushing Ipad carts as a solution.   If you're going to sell it, make sure it works.

Reply by varjak paw on Dec 16, 2013 9:21 AM Helpful

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    While your frustration with this problem is admirable, your tone is not. I, too, have great frustration with the seemingly random restrictions, or the lack of same, one can impose on iOS devices through Apple Configurator.


    There are several holes in the restrictions that could be filled to make devices more resilient to kids just hacking around, the most glaring being the ability to turn off passcode setting and device locking. It only takes 20 seconds for one malicious (or curious) child from making an iPad unusable for others, with potential data loss if the iPad must be reset to factory defaults.


    I suggest, CraigMN, that you save your indignation for something more worthy, like child slavery, or homelessness, and just make a reasoned and polite enhancement request using the feedback link provided by varjak paw.

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    I didn't know that existed.  Thank you Varjak.  

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    I tend to get frustrated with stupidity when I pay $100,000 to a company and they  ignore that there is a problem.  Their general advice when we have broached the subject before is "The devices are designed to be for individual usage.  You really aren't using them the way they were meant to be used."  Then they turn around and try to sell me another cart.


    And I suggest you save your condescension for someone that actually cares what people think.