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It doesn't note that it is Mavericks specific, but it most likely is.




Release Notes

Updates to the Nik Collection are made on an ongoing basis. These updates may include bug fixes, performance enhancements, new features and additional hardware or software support. All updates will be installed to the computer automatically.

Version 1.109 - December 11, 2013

          • Fixed crashes with Dfine 2 when launching on Mac OS 10.6

          • Fixed compatibility issues with 64-bit Dfine 2, Sharpener Pro 3 and Viveza 2 on Windows 8

          • Fixed Aperture UI issue that might have occurred after returning to Aperture from plug-ins on Mac OS

          • Fixed black or white tile artifacts that might have occurred after returning to Photoshop from plug-ins

          • Fixed large color tiles appearing in the plug-in preview on systems with Intel HD graphics cards

          • Fixed GPU filtering artifacts occurring on Mac OS 10.9 with Intel HD 2000/3000 graphics cards

          • Fixed a Photoshop crash that might have occurred in a specific situations using the brush functionality

          • The preset preview will be shown at full retina resolution on supported systems

          • Various small retina graphic optimizations

          • Improved the click and drag experience when using a tablet

          • Analog Efex Pro: Added the affect of the Vary button to the Levels and Curves strength slider

          • Analog Efex Pro: Fixed the History comparison button for the initial state

          • HDR Efex Pro 2: Fixed a crash that might have occurred during parallel metadata loading from images

          • Silver Efex Pro 2: Fixed the functionality of the Toning sliders

          • Silver Efex Pro 2: Fixed an issue with Grain Strength visibility that depended on the preview scaling

          • Silver Efex Pro 2: Fixed GPU filtering artifacts, which also improved filtering speed

Aperture 3, OS X Mavericks (10.9), Aperture 3.5