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I recently picked up an Apple TV (3rd gen) along with a High Speed CL2 rated HDMI cable. This is a long cable (33ft) and has an Active Amplifier Circuitry that is supposed to boost the signal.


The cable seems to be fine, it works with my Xbox, media players, bluray player etc... but for some reason when I try the apple TV I get nothing, no signal at all. I have tried the Apple TV with regular HDMI cables and it works fine, I've also tried the 33ft cable on multiple displays and the same issue occurs, the Apple TV is the only device that won't work.


After troubleshooting for some time the only thing that stands out is that this long cable has the Active circuits built in (active cables are unidirectional, and I have it going in the correct direction).


Has anyone else experienced issues with Active HDMI cables and Apple TV? Just wondering before I go and return this expensive cable.




Here's a link to the HDMI cable I have:

http://ca.startech.com/Cables/Audio-Video/HDMI/10m-33-ft-Active-High-Speed-HDMI- Cable-HDMI-to-HDMI-Male-to-Male~HDMM10MA

Apple TV (3rd generation)