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I'm at a loss. I've not had any issues with this drive, til recently. It's a Lacie d2Quadra v3. I can't get it to eject properly, nor when i tried to move the data back onto my internal to re-save to a different ehd, it just stalls.

hope this is enough info for someone to help

thanks in advance!

iMac (20-inch Mid 2007), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), Using EHD to store Aperture/iphoto
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    sorry..tried to edit my OS to Mavericks 10.9, but it wouldn't take, so i'm doing it here.

  • Eustace Mendis Level 7 (25,330 points)

    Try this:


    Run Disk Utility (in Applications / Utilities). In the left hand column, select the external drive, then the First aid tab, and click Repair Disk.


    When that is done, click Repair Permissions.


    Quit DU.

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    hi eustace-thanks for the info. i had already run DU, but not on the ehd, just my imac. i need to set up reminders to do this regularly, as there was a lot of repairs.


    at any rate, i completely disconnected the ehd after shutting down my computer, reattached, and everything seems to be in working order now. i did go ahead and try your suggestion, however, DU said it appears "ok", so go figure?

    thanks again

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    I consistently have this problem with EHD's.  It appears to be a problem when the EHD spins down and the OS (10.9.1) gets unhappy waiting for the EHD to spin back up.  The only cure I have found is to restart the computer which will release the OS and the EHD and make everything happy again.  Apple needs to take a look at this problem.


    I have a couple of ThunderBolt SSD EHD and I never have this problem with them as they never sleep.  You just can't get sufficient size and they are very expensive.