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I have an Airport Extreme, and I was wondering how to test Timed Access Control.


It seems that when I set it, I can still access the computer peripherals that I've set to 'no access'.  Is it blocking a specific traffic pattern?  The instructions are unclear; the way it was described sounded as though it wouldn't give any network access to that mac address, but that's obviously not true.


So what does it block? 


Does it only block access upstream?  As in, that device now can't see the internet, but it can still talk to other devices on the network?  (That would be handy, actually, then a blocked device could still use Time Machine but not the Internet.)


Does it only block wifi access?  As in, if that device is plugged in via an ethernet cable (and the ethernet mac address is the also blocked) it would still be able to access the internet?  (That would be how my old router worked; it just blocked things in the wireless control, not actually DNS or packet control.)


I guess I'll have to set up some test cases with an old mac, but I'm not sure how to go about making sure.



Airport Extreme, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), ver 7.6.4