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I have a Power Mac G5 connected to a 24" Mac LCD.  I believe the OSX version it 10.5.x (whatever the most upgraded version was that the G5 allowed).  It was working just fine for some time.  One morning when reaching the login, the screen had wierd screen artifacts (see attached photo).  Upon logging in, the mahcine will reach the desktop, but would endlessly spin the pinwheel, and is otherwise unresponsive.  Another oddity is that on that desktop at the bottom of the display, some other unexpected screen artifacts exist (see other attached photo).


Note that the Apple logo prior to the login screen displays perfectly without any problems.


Upon restarting many times, sometimes the machine won't even navigate away from the login screen, and sometimes it does as described above.  But never any further than described above.


Are the on-screen graphical oddities a sign of something?





PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5)