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I started long ago to use Google Calendar, where I created several different calendars (work, home, etc..). When I began with MAC OS, I configured the iCalc to have access to the Google account, and therefore I have now perfectly syncronized these calendars in boyh systems (Google web calendar, and iCal in the MAC). Any event or modification implemented in any of these calendars is automatically appearing in the other calendar.


Now the problem is that I could not get the same syncronization in my IOS devices (iPhone and iPad). The iCloud calendars are supposed to start as new ones and to be independent, without any data taken from another source. What I would like is to syncronize my existing calendars also for the IOS devices, without starting from zero with a blank calendar. Is there any mean to get this?



Alejandro Santamaría

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)