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I have multiple Google calendars, which show and are updating normally in the ios7 Calendar app; new events from Google appear after a modest delay.

However, when I create an event in the app, placing it into one of the Google calendars, it does not get uploaded to Google; only on my iPhone does the new event appear!

Syncsettings looks good. Cal calendars list has them checked under the Gmail heading.


How do I fix this one-directional behavior?



P.S. Device started out with IOS7, so not the usual upgrade issue.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4, Verizon
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    I have the same problem.  Events are entered on the google calendar(s)  show up on my Iphone Calendar, but any events created in the Calendar on the iPhone never show up on the Google Calendar. 


    So it seems that the IOS7 Calendar App is not "syncing" just downloading -- the events only flow one way. 


    Does it have anything to do with Push vs. Fetch?


    I hope there is help for this.  I sure cannot find it.