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Hi all,
I JUST opened my new iPod Video 30gb. When I hooked it up to sync and charge, its icon appeared in iTunes for just a second then disappeared. Then it locked on "do not remove" so I did a reset. Then I put in on the dock again and the same thing happened, it popped up in iTunes and my desktop for just a second then disappeared. So, I tried to reset it again. But now it will NOT reset. It is locked on a bright white blank screen. Any attempts at resetting and the iPod gives a weird chime and continues its blank bright screen. Now it will not do anything. It won't show up in iTunes, it won't show up on my Mac, it won't respond to ANY buttons on the click wheel or anywhere.
Geez, I just opened the freakin' box! And of course I can't find ANY phone numbers to get a quick answer from Apple. I've been with apple since 1984 and this is really intolerable.

Oh yeah, and i CANNOT restore because it can't link to my MAC

New iPod Video 30gb, macbook pro 2.0, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
Solved by CasperGemini on Jul 19, 2006 8:09 PM Solved
Judging by the info on your post, you're in the US. Apple's tech support number is 1-800-APL-CARE. They're open 9-9 Eastern time.

For the issue you're experiencing:
Hold down menu & select until you hear the beeping.
As soon as it beeps, hold down select and play/pause for about 10 seconds or so (it may or may not beep again).
See if you can restore it now.

If not, call Apple for tech support.

Hope this helps