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I was given an apple wireless keyboard as a gift and it is paired with my I Pad 2, I want it to pair with my daughters I Pad air/4 when I try it automatically pairs with mine and not hers, anyone can give me suggestions on how to pair the keyboard  with her I pad.

Wireless keyboard, iOS 7.0.4
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    You will need to delete it from your system first. Bluetooth devices may only be connected with one thing at a time (for obvious reasons).



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    Hi Barry,


    how do I delete it from an I pad 2 system, would you mind explaining the steps.


    Appreciate it.



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    Sorry, I did not read your post carefully and gave you what would need to be done with a Mac.


    I have never paired a Bluetooth device with my iPad, so I am fishing.


    This article will tell you how to unpair the KB (click on "how to stop using...")





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    Hey, Barry.


    Thanks the link worked, for anyone else joining this is what you do.


    Thanks again Barry



    You can stop using a Bluetooth accessory by either turning off the accessory, or turning off Bluetooth on iPad.


    Unpairing a Bluetooth accessory


    If you've paired iPad with an accessory that you no longer wish to use, you can unpair the accessory.


    From the Home screen choose Settings > Bluetooth2. If Bluetooth isn't on, turn it on.

    Choose the accessory and tap Forget this Device.