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Can I deleted all my e-mails at once or do I have to trash one at a time?

iPhone 5s
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    depends on the email provider. 

    Peace, Clyde

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    I have comcast.over 30 e-mals..I delete on my desk top..but still on my I phone...I delete one at  a time...long process.

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    From a standard in box, there is no Delete All. You can tap Edit and then mark the emails individually, then tap Trash (or Delete, depending on your set up). but that's it. Once in the trash, you can mass delete.


    For the record, based on posts I have seen, "over 30" emails is nothing. You can knock that out using the above in no time.


    Is your comcast account an IMAP or POP? If it is POP you might consider moving to an IMAP based acccount. It is much easier to manage IMAP on multiple devices.

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome

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    Press edit in your email inbox. Then select the first email by making the circle red next to the first email or any one email in your email box.  Then put one finger on the move button on the bottom of the screen that has now become active since you selected one email.  Now with your finger still on the move button press the original email again that you had originally selected. When you deselect that one email with your finger still on the move button it will,pause for a second. And then it will bring up a move screen. It will ask you where you want to move the emails to. You can simply click on the trash folder and it moves them all to the trash. It will also show you how many emails you moved.


    The question I have to all that read this and enjoy this feature that I have found is why does it work perfectly on my iPad while it ***** on my iphone. On my phone it moves them back while on my iPad they stay put.  It is supposedly the same operating system.  ?????


    Any help you have for me would be great.


    Finally mass email deleting is available.  Now it just needs to be slightly fixed for the phone. It is perfect. On the iPad.