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Some very odd behavior in my sequence. I replaced a clip in the sequence with a different clip, and although the timeline now shows the new clip, when it plays I get audio from the old clip and video from another clip altogether.  Or rather, it played fine a few times, and exported fine to a qucktime, but when I re-exported it at a different frame rate then not only was the file wrong but the sequence had changed and was wrong as well. Because this happened at the last minute I didn't see it until it was projected in front of a thousand people.  Humiliating, to say the least! After the fact I corrected it by cutting in the new clip again but I'd like to understand how, technically, it was even posible and if there's any way to prevent it happening again.


I'm not sure what information is needed to help me solve the mystery, but for starters it was edited in FInal Cut 7 on a Mac Pro (circa 2007). The original clip is an APple ProRes file and the new one is H.264, but I don't see how that would create the problem.  The original clip was ripped from a DVD using MPEG Streamclip, the replacement clip was provided for downloading by ABC Studios. 


Could be this was just a random, fluke thing but I'd appreaciate any thoughts on it.