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Okay, I installed the windows 8.1 into the MacBook Pro cd drive after running boot camp, making the mistake of not formatting the partition into a NTFS simply because I was following the screen recommendations..


Now the black screen is stuck with the windows logo and is been over 30 minutes now and the DVD won't eject.


Thank you Apple or Microsoft for allowing me to waste my time this way, after expending so much money and time, as if it is to darned difficult for you guys to make this crap function with out a problem..


Oh! Let me guess, you want me to take this crap to a service guy in BestBuy so I can get charge more money to help your economies, what about my economy huh!


Or best said! What about the rest of the people who are going thru the same problems with your gadgets, what about their economies huh!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.8), Windows 8.1 Installation