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OK guys, solution for the calandar, contacts, etc. sync problem with the iso 7.0.4 iphone sofware and mavericks software.


U have to sync it with icloud. HOW?

(everyone  will have an icloud account if you have an apple ID and password). if  you don't, create one. in order to do that, click itunesstore tab on  your itunes, then click "sign in" tab on top left corner, then create  apple ID)


1. go to settings on your iphone.

2. then icloud.

3.plugin ur apple id and pass.

4.turn on the options for contacts, calandar, etc.


your  calandar, contacts, etc. will get synced to your icloud. (this replaces  the info tab that is missing when you plugin your iphone to sync to  your mac on itunes)


If  you want to have ur calandar to give ur alerts, etc. ,while working on  your mac, just be signed on to icloud on your computer @ www.icloud.com  while you're working on your computer.






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