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I have few devices under one Apple ID. on that Apple ID a have additional email addresses for iMessage/facetime. I don't need/want receive imessages on all devices simultaneously which was sent to one email. so I am using different email addresses on my devices for imessge/facetime.


when I purchased mac book pro, and added my Apple ID on it, iMessage and Facetime autoamtically added all my email addresses and Mobile Phone number.


But I don't want to receive iMessage and Facetime calls on any new device which was sent to my email addresses which are already used on other devices. I don't want that iMessage and Facetime automatically adds all my email addresses on new devices. Moreover If Someone from my family adds new deives to my apple ID, I don't want that he could receive/read messages which was sent to my email address. He has his own iCloud account. And without direct access to that device I can't turn off all my email addresses in iMessage/Facetime - that is very bad and non secure.


How to:

1. without direct access to device prevent receiving/sending messages from my email addresses?

2. prevent in future  for all new devices automatically setup iMessage and Facetime on my email addresses/mobile phone number