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my phone is sooooo full of apps ( and pics) that its going to crash.. i cant do updates or take 1 picture.

so, I am on computer on itunes. i have my apps up on the screen. There are ones i want to delete... forever,

and there are ones i want to delete ... temporarily so i can use them again.


i have deleted ones off of my phone that i dont want anymore. I think i need to still delete these in itunes though ( for space).

so, it gives me 2 confusing options.


it says "do one of the following"

"remove item from itunes library; click keep file"


"Delete the item from your computer.  click move to recycle bin. The item is removed the next time you empty the recycle bin".


so what do i choose 1. to delete forever and 2. to delete temporarily 9 like put in a folder to use later ??? TY

iPhone 5, help deleting apps off itunes ASAP