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Again \    As above how to , I have had aperture on my macs from day 1 . i have discs up grade from aperture 2 , and 3


i have just come back from apple after having a har ware chaeck.  All OK The software technician cannot find the problem why I keep getting kernal report shut downs, mostly when using aperture,    Its been fine for 3 days, Working on photoshop and deleting on external library .And also using Nick programs,  before , Allot of shut down,s ..   


And to day it happen again when deleting photos from the main HD ,  through aperture, he fans got ging as prsessing was working hard,.


So Everything , including up dates on paralells and pther programs,, Ony Aperture to go.


The main program that i feel has been causing the kernal reports, As when it shuts down, On re boot, it asks most of the time for repair.


SO Down to the nitty gritty.   mac Lion mac book pro. Aperture 3,4.5 ...      How do I uninstall with out losing the libray config and re install from the discs.  Can I just down load the full program and intall with my keys ? 


I remember having to roll back and key in the older one fist and then the latest one, When installing on this new mac.  But old age , forgot how I put it all together,

Hear from you soon I hope.

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1, Lion 8 gb ram Custom HD screen. 750