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My start memory is full and my Mac OS X MacBoo Pro could not start up so I can delete some files and video from the computer. What do I do?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    You should never let your machine get over 85% full on the hard drive.  Based on the subject line, it sounds like you are immediately being taken to command line.


    You have to be extremely careful with command line, as you could end up deleting everything if you don't know what you are doing.  If you don't have an external hard drive, it is highly recommended you get one for a backup anyway.  But for now, just get one to be able to install the operating system onto it with the command-R, and use Disk Utility to format the external drive (make sure the drive is at least as big as your internal).  Be careful not to format your internal.  If you are at all unsure, bring both hard drive and computer into service.  Once you can boot from the external hard drive, navigate through your internal drive to locate files you can delete that you made yourself that you don't need anymore.


    Logfiles are the one that can be removed safely from the Logs or Logfile folder in the Users -> yourname -> Library folder, System folder, and Hard drive -> Library folder.   That should help clear enough space for your machine to boot normally.  Hopefully your hard drive isn't already dying.   If it won't boot after enough cleaning, look at data recovery tools to recover the internal to the external drive if you don't have a backup.

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    I have an external hard disk wish I have been using for back up. Even with it, it still give me a pop up note that my start up disk is full it could not go beyond that so I can delete some file.  I left Canada to Nigeria and I will not be back to Canada until six months and I don't now of any apple service centre in Nigeria, Africa. If I can access the the trash I will delete everything and  delete some heavy file in the system but nothing is displayed on the screen  

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    Weird I got in my e-mail you are travelling.  But I don't see the post on the forum.  Anyway, this is why preparation for this type of eventuality is so important when traveling.   If you depend on a computer, you need a backup plan even when traveling.    And you need to know how to use it properly.  Letting it get filled like that is not knowing how to use it.  The nearest Apple usergroup is in Ghana:


    user AT apple.com.gh is their e-mail, and the website is:




    They may be able to help. 

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    At the point when the administrator protection has enabled  where i need to login in with my password to access my files it will pop up a note that my start up disk is full and nothing comes up after that. Please I need an urgent attention since I have some job to do. Can some one help me over there?

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    Two things you might be able to do:


    1. Boot with the shift key.  If that doesn't work, see 2.


    2. Get an USB Flash drive of at least 32GB, and connect to a hi speed internet WiFi location and install the operating system to that.