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My ipod shuffle 4th generation was working fine for a few months. My son then bit the USB charger. I bought a new USB charger, but the shuffle is not charging and not showing up under the devices in itunes. It also doesn't appear in my windows under my computer. Just to note. I also have a new ipod touch. I am able to charge that fine on the same computer using the USB charger. The device (Ipod touch) does show up in windows and in itunes. The shuffle doesn't show in either place.

I have tried to use the apple support page. I went through each step. I made all of my USB drives not shut down, I had my computer on all night to try and charge the shuffle. All I see is a red light that appears on the shuffle for a few seconds when I first connect the USB charger to the computer. Then, nothing. Since this was working a bit ago, I don't think that I have a defective shuffle. The USB charger is brand new, I just picked it up yesterday from the apple store. I have the short one, and the longer cable as well.


Any help that you might be able to give to me would be much appreciated. My daughter is missing listening to her music. Thanks!

iPod shuffle, Windows 7