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I bought a new ipod nano a couple days ago. I registered the ipod and all of that. The next time I plugged my ipod in it would not show up on my computer, the do not disconnect message came up on the ipod, and the ipod went back to the factory settings. What do I do? I have to go out of town tonight and I need my ipod!!
Please help!

ipod nano, Windows XP
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    iPod not showing up
    For the iPod not being recognised, see this article:
    iPod missing in "My Computer or in iTunes on Windows:

    "Do not disconnect" message
    The "Do Not Disconnect" message is perfectly normal if your iPod is manually managed, or is set to automatic sync but you have disk use enabled. It's possible some settings have been changed accidentally to give one of these.

    To check which you have, connect the iPod, open iTunes, go to edit>preferences>iPod.

    If you are manually managing songs you will always need to eject the iPod after each connection by clicking the small icon at the left hand source pane next to the iPod in iTunes.

    If on the other hand you are automatically syncing music, uncheck disk use on the preferences page and your iPod will automatically disconnect after each update is complete.

    For more information on disconnecting and the "Do Not Disconnect" message, see these:

    About the "Do Not Disconnect" and "OK To Disconnect" screens on iPod:
    Safely Disconnecting the iPod:
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    I did edit, preferences, ipod and it said no ipod connected. I tryed all the USB ports on my computer and it still did this. so I thought maybe the USB port was messed up and tryed my sisters ipod and it worked fine. now what do I do?
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    My ipod did this! I just downloaded the new itunes and ipod. I also had to restore my ipod. It meant i lost all my music and pictures but i got the computer to register it!
    Holly x
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    this is probably a stupid question, but how do you restore an ipod, I know ho to reset it but not restore it
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    Go here: http://www.apple.com/support/ipod/five_rs/
    Use ipod updater, it will have a place to click restre!