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I just purchased an iPod classic and neither my computer nor iTunes will recognize it.

I have read all the remedies but nothing works.  Please help.

iPod classic
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    1. Update iTunes to the latest version. Plug in your iPod. If iTunes still can't recognize it, then in iTunes in the top left corner click help> run diagnostics. On the box that comes up, check the last two things. Click next and it should identify your iPod.

    2. Click on your windows start menu. Type in "services". Click on it and when it pops up, on the bottom of it click on "standard". Now Scroll down to find "Apple Mobile Device" Right click it when you see it and click on "Start". When it has started, close iTunes and replug in your iPod and it should show up.
    3. Check the USB cable
    4. Verify that Apple Mobile Device Support is installed
    5. Restart the Apple Mobile Device Service and verify that the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is installed.


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