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What happens if there is a change to the data that was originally inputed at the initial set up of your I-Tunes account.

iPod touch, iOS 7.0.4
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    What has changed ? You can update some info by logging into the account via the Store > View Account menu option on your computer's iTunes, and you can also log into the account and change some things via this page : http://appleid.apple.com

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    My partner set up the account initially. My computer packed up last December but i continued to purchase music via the I-Pod.Then my I-Pod was destroyed about 4 weeks ago.


    I bought a new I-Pod a week ago but the E-mail adress that I used with the old one can't be accessed.

    Forgot password and didn't have backup.


    Went to Apple store and they set up a new E-mail (using my own name) for the new I-Pod.

    Now I can't use the credit still in my account.


    I decided to join this forum and noticed that it is still my partners name attached to this account.


    Do you think this may be why I can't access the credit?

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    Which account Is the credit on, the old account or the new one ? The balance is tied to the account that it is on, so if it is on the old account then you will only be able to access and spend it on the old account. If it's on the new account then what happens when you try to buy something ?


    If you've forgotten the password for the old account then you could try getting it reset via this page : http://iforgot.apple.com


    And if that doesn't work then you could try contacting Apple : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5699

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    Regarding the old account with credit on it, do I enter the original name attached to the account when I am prompted?


    As far as the new account goesI haven't put any credit on it yet.


    Will I be able to switch between accounts with no issues?

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    Yes, to access and/or get the account's password reset you need to enter that old account's id.


    In terms of switching between them, it depends upon what you do with an account - if you use iTunes Match and/or automatic downloads on an account or redownload a past purchase then you risk tying that computer or device to that account for 90 days : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4627

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    Thanks for your help KP