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blubarb19 Level 1 Level 1

This is a problem I am having with setting up my iCloud email. The incoming mail server section is "greyed out" and I cannot change or edit it and when I go to save what I've changed Apple Mail says that the incoming mail server cannot be left empty. Any ideas what has caused this?

  • randers4 Level 9 Level 9

    On a Mac, the server fields are automatically configured, which is why they are grayed out.  If your iCloud mail isn't working, go to System Preferences>iCloud, uncheck Mail, restart your Mac, then go back and check Mail again.  If that doesn't fix things, go to System Preferences>iCloud, click Sign Out, choose Delete at all of the prompts, restart your Mac then sign back in.  (This deletes the iCloud account and data from your Mac, but not from iCloud.  Your data will reappear on your Mac when you sign back in, after a brief delay as it redownloads.)

  • sredni vashtar Level 1 Level 1

    Oh my heck yes! I've been working on this all day. Found your post half an hour ago, fixed, done. Thank you so much. Now I can't figure out how to give you stars or points...

  • jamesford Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks very much for your help on this.  Worked perfectly.  I appreciate your taking the time to offer your suggestions.