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My 6 year old son is happy if he is allowed to play any apps for little boys on my ipad. Also my little doughter, she is four years old.

Yesterday my son find out my code. So i chanced the code.

But he will not be stopped if i open with my code the ipad to play. So he was typing in "Einschränkungen"- "Restriction". So he made a lott of other things and modifications in my ipad and this isn' t ok.

He can chance the colours of my ipad and a lot of things that he should not be alloud to come in this point of programm!


The code for the "Einschränkungen" - "Restrictions" coult not be changed.

Could anybody explane to me, why the settings are not save????

When is this a future substance in a new version update???


At this moment it is not macabel to let my childs play without i am afraid.


Please send all of your coments, thx



iPad, iOS 7.0.4