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This issue began today, haven't had any trouble with this before. I have my movies on my iTunes, in there perfectly fine. Today I went to add more movies to my iTunes library. I use Windows, so I went to the 'Add Files to Library...' option in the top left, added a video. It didn't take any loading time, which seemed a bit out of the ordinary, then I tried to play it and my iTunes completely crashed. When I open my iTunes back up, the movie is gone completely. I have tried restarting my iTunes, restarting my computer, reinstalling iTunes, adding movies in different ways (dragging and dropping), but nothing has worked so far.


I'm fairly sure this isn't a format issue, as it's stopped working for .m4v files and .mp4 files, I've tried converting one to the other and nothing has for it to load properly into iTunes.

Windows 8, iTunes issue