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I bought my wife a T-Mobile  unlocked iPhone 5s for Christmas.  Before we decide on which carrier to  use (T-Mobile or AT&T), we'd like to just start out using it as an  iPod Touch.  We do plan to activate it with a cellular plan (month to  month), just not immediately. 


If  I understand the process, we'll first need to leave the SIM in and  activate it with T-Mobile, but without actually signing up for a service  plan.  If we decide to go with AT&T, we'd first need to get and  install an AT&T SIM.  Then we'd activate the phone with AT&T,  again not subscribing to a cellular plan until we're actually ready to  use the 5s as a phone.  Is this correct?


I'm  curious about all this because there'll be times when we won't be using  the phone for a month or two at a time.  In these cases, we'd like to  be able to still use the 5s as an iPod, without paying a carrier, just  by allowing the month-to-month plan to lapse.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.4, unlocked, with T-Mobile SIM
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