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Why can't I uninstall AirPort 4.2 from my Windows 7 PC..  I tried downloading and reinstalling the 4.2 but during the installation process I get an error.  It reads...    "1608: Unable to Create InstallDriver instance Return Code -2147024894

Windows 7, software is the old AirPort
  • LaPastenague Level 9 Level 9

    You should not install it again..


    Boot the computer into safe mode and try the uninstall again.


    No luck you will have to manually uninstall which is a pain. Delete the files and open regedit and delete the registry entries.. better still use the system restore to go back to a previous system where you had no 4.2 installed..


    Or just ignore it and install the latest 5.6.1 and if it gives trouble well do a clean install of windows.