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I recently purchased an apple ibook g4. When attempting to install "firstclass" which is for my shooling, it throws out a messages that says I don't have enough user privileges. I am the admin and I even created another admin account to see if that worked.. Help?

when  I goto About This Mac it says Mac OS X Version 10.5.8

iBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    There may be some helpful ideas or processes within the topic to help resolve this issue, as presented here:


    Troubleshooting permissions issues in Mac OS X:




    "This document describes how you may modify permission settings by entering

    commands in the Terminal application. Users unfamiliar with Terminal and UNIX-style

    environments should proceed with caution. The entry of incorrect commands may result

    in data loss and/or unusable system software. Improper alteration of permissions can

    result in reduced system security and/or exposure of private data..."


    Also, user accounts, files and ownership issues arise in OS X and some are tedious.

    Some items that go by the name ACLs can be part of the picture.


    •Perplexed by Permissions - macworld:



    {And for those outside the experience of 'First Class'...}


    'First Class' brand software:



    About 'First Class'



    {The software 'First Class' has several versions, some work w/ older PPC Mac G5 (G4?) & run within versions of OS X; there are older versions for consideration in their web site. Be sure the one you get is supported by both the hardware/software configuration of your computer. If there is a minimal RAM requirement, or other details to consider, be sure to meet them. However troubleshooting privileges/permissions is another topic.}


    Hopefully the information on privileges and permissions helps somewhat.

    Good luck & happy computing!