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  I am now using a new mac 13 inch with retina dispay,  OS mountain lion, and  iMovie 11 9.0.9.  I used to be able to adjust the duration of a clip to within a fraction of a second.  For example:  if I set transitions to 2 secs., then set clip duration to 3 secs. the clip actually plays for 5 secs. (using 1 sec. from each bounding transition).  Fine.  If I changed the clip duration to 3.5 secs. accordingly the duration would last for 5.5 secs.  Just what I want.  This no longer works for me.  After entering 3.5 secs I get 5.05 secs or some such nonsense.  I showed this to a creative person at a onetoone and he told me I could never do that.  mmmmm.

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