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Mac Pro 2009

SSD + 3 HDDs

Mavericks 10.9.1

3 x Nvida GT120 graphics cards




After upgrading the project, all the clips that I preview that are not in the timeline have a horrible stuttering problem. The sound works fine, but the video is completely unusable. I copied the project to my new MacBook Pro 15" 16GB 512SSD and everything works fine.


The only difference was I didn't install FxFactory on the MacBook. I rippped FxFactory off the the Mac Pro and still the same problem. If I go into the library and find the source clip and play through Quicktime everything plays fine.


Any suggestions to troubleshoot this?

Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    If I select,"Show Views on Second Display" everything works fine previewing clips.


    I actually have six monitors and 4 of the 6 display FinalCut playback fine. For some reason the middle to monitors which on a single graphics card having stuttering issues. I'm gong to switch them up with another card.


    Very odd, considering all the cards are identical.

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    I re-arranged video cards, it makes no difference. If I have FCP X 10.1 on any other screen, than my main screen it works fine. As soon as I drag it to the main screen the preview of clips malfunctions.


    I made a second user account and got the same result.


    I tried creating a new Library and imported test footage and the same thing happens.


    I also have Motion and Compressor installed.


    I really don't have time for a format/re-install.


    Any suggestions on possibly nuking everything video related and re-installing?


    This is the craziest non-sensical issue I've ever encountered on a Mac.

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    I have restored Mavericks back to 10.9 and upgraded FCP X, Motion, and Compressor to the latest versions and everything seems to be working fine now.

    I'm going to run a full backup before upgrading Mavericks this next time.


    One thing i've noticed is that this state is before I installed DivX. Maybe that might have been the cause.

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    After doing a full re-install of everything again, the problem still persists.


    This is a Final Cut Pro X Software problem. Where do I report a bug?

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    Mac OS X

    Feedback in the FCP menu.