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Somehow I'm synced to iCloud with my iCal.  I don't care about it and don't want to be.  But more importantly.  When I try to post on my own calendars on my mac it won't let me and jumps to making new posts on my iCloud calendars.  I deleted all of my iCloud calendars but there is some calendar subcription listed under my iCloud calenders.  It won't delete.  And it is showing an event on EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year because it is a catholic liturgical calendar.  It won't delete.  When I uncheck it all the events disappear from my calendar but as soon as I try to make a new event on my own calendar it jumps to this catholic calender subscription and makes it appear on every day and I still can not make a new post on my own simple on-my-mac personal calender.  Please help.  I am helpless with the confusion of unwanted syncing.

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    I successfully signed into iCloud and deleted the unwanted Catholic calendar events.  But I am still unable to post an event on my calender on my mac because it insists on my posting it on an iCloud calender.  There must be a way to post on my on-my-mac calender wtihout it jumping to a calendar on iCloud.  Can't I use iCloud and control which apps are on it?  What if I don't WANT iCal in my iCloud?  I don't want iCal on iCloud unless I can control.  Right now I want to know how to post on my own on-my-mac calender without it jumping to an iCloud calendar.  Thanks,


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    Go to Calendar>Preferences...Accounts> click on the iCloud account, and uncheck "Enable this account."


    Then close Preferences, and use Calendar>File>New Calendar>On My Mac.


    On My Mac Calendars/Events will not sync with iCloud.


    When you have successfully created at least one Calendar "On My Mac" you can re-check "Enable this account," if you want to use the iCloud calendar in any way.


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    Thank you Ferd II.   As I mentioned above, I actulally took the time to go into my iCloud account and look araound and low and behold, I was able to delete the offending daily calender event and also delete iCloud calendars.  I feel like a sync wimp.  I will follow your instructions in order to continue being unsynced in calendarland, and I can see they won't be hard to follow.  But actually, after haven taken the time to go into my iCloud account and look around a little, I"m starting to feel empowered to try to learn a little more about syncing and iCloud.  After all, I have intentions of soon buying the full year of iTunes iCloud back up of all my mp3 files so I can access anything I want on the road on my iPhone.  And to avoid using too much wirless time I'm hoping to learn how to download from the cloud music and then delete it when I want room for other music while it all stays safely in the cloud.  So I really should start learning also about calendars and syncing them with my iPHone and work laptop and even my work iCal.  I'm NOT a native obviously now in my late 50's.

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    You are welcome...glad to help.


    Visit Apple - Support - iCloud to access some areas for additional exploration.