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I just got iTunes Match last night and let it run through the whole process of matching over night. I have about 22,000 songs, most from my CD collection, but there are some strange things I have noticed. I have encountered the typical issue of "Not all songs on an album being matched," so some have been uploaded instead. But I was starting to convert some songs to get the higher quality and came across something bizzar.


I have the self titled album by Breanne Duren, which is nowhere to be found on the iTunes store, yet it shows up as matched, not uploaded. I created smart playlists for "Matched," "Uploaded," and then another for errors/duplicates to have it all sorted, but this one album shows up only in the matched playlist. It's strange how it's being matched to something, but yet I right click the album or song and press "Show In Store," it says it cannot be found. I have deleted and redownloaded the songs, all of them are still the correct ones. It's really confusing. They were not uploaded or anything, why is it finding them? And where is it matching them to?

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    I have come across this issue. Whilst specific albums / tracks may not be available for sale in the iTunes Store of your country, Apple has them on their servers and are probably available in other countries - they may have the rights to offer them as downloads.


    By the way, clicking on Find in Store is not a guarantee that the track has been matched with that track!! Whilst the match process does not use metadata for matching, it appears that it uses the metadata when using find in store function.

    I have had songs match with limited metadata and was not able to find in store.



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    Thanks! It's just confusing when I don't see it anywhere in the store. I am also having the same issue with another album that makes sense with what you said. This other is a girl from England, and it's not on the US store, but I'm guessing it's on the UK iTunes. I will play around with it and see what results I get. I may purposly convert to a low bitrate, and change the metadata just to see what it does when I match them.


    Thanks for the reply!