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I use an MBP and have upgraded to Mavericks.  I have a BT account and use the BT router supplied.  I have a Time Capsule connected to the BT router and TPLink range extenders.  The household has 2 PCs, 1 iPod and 2 iPhones in addition to my MBP.  All work perfectly except for the MBP that now has to be used with an ethernet cable plugged into the TPLink extender.  The problem is with Mavericks because re-booting with Mountain Lion restores the wi-fi, internet functionality.

The problem is seen by either no wi-fi connection, exclamation mark in wi-fi symbol at the top of the screen, or a normal symbol but no internet connection, red lights shown in the diagnostic assist me box.

I have had the MBP checked out by the Genius Bar and it is OK, the wi-fi worked in the shop so it seems to me that something has been altered that causes issues with BT routers.  It has been suggested that ISP supplied routers are poor quality and I should buy another one but I thought that the Time Capsule acted as a router so I'm not sure that this is a valid suggestion.

I know that other people have had similar problems and I've tried all the resetting, erasing and remaking  network ideas, caffeinating and so on but all to no avail.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone out there has experienced similar issues and more particularly has found a solution.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Nope. Mine (3) work great.


    I'd look at config.


    Or consider a re-install.


    Sorry to hear, good luck. It *can* work well, so something's off.



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    Thanks Eric.  I've tried all of these suggestions to no avail I'm afraid.  I can accept that one model of router (BT Home Hub) could take exception to an updated OS but am really puzzled that an Apple manufactured router i.e. the one built into the Time Capsule is also no longer working.  I've been advised to buy a branded router but as the TC router doesn't work either I can't see that this could be a solution.

    A family member is sitting next to me using a MB Air that also had problems with the Mav upgrade, solved by deleting and reinstalling networks, working fine on all our networks.  How could that be???  It's a real puzzle.

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    My iMac with Mavericks works well with a BT Homehub router. If you disconnect/disable the TP-Link range extenders and place your MBP close to the wireless router, does it "see" the Homehub and connect to it properly? If so, I would look at the range extenders as the source of the problem - could there be some sort of IP clash, for example? If you can't get any solutions from this forum, you might try the BT community forum.

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    An update.  I have now discovered that the SNR on my MBP is very poor.  This explains why I can connect only while sitting on top of a router, why the Time Capsule is no better than the BT hub and why I get a connection in the Apple shop but not in most other places.  Even in the Apple shop the SNR is very poor but just enough to give a connection.  I was told how to see the SNR by one of the Apple Care phone people (click on the Apple symbol - top left on screen - about this Mac - more info - system report - scroll down to network - wifi - and you see all the availble connections with signal/noise figures).  The higher they are the worse the signal but it is the difference that matters.  Mine are

    Signal / Noise:-83 dBm / -90 dBm

    so no wonder the connection is so awul.  A MBP sitting next to mine in the shop was showing something like 50/65, not great but useable.

    I went to the Genius Bar today and the only thing that he could suggest is to do a clean re-install of Mavericks.  I am in the middle of a project at the moment so I won't be doing this for a few weeks so as not to tempt fate.

    I wondered if using a USB wifi adapter would be an option if there is something odd going on, the onboard wifi card checks out OK but maybe the test isn't designed to show anything other than a card being present.

    A little app called WiFi Signal has been useful in tracking SNR, channel and speed Mbits/sec.

    Has anyone else had this problem and tried a clean install?

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    Having problems also.....

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    Can you describe your problems?  If we all pool our experiences and observations we may be able to narrow down to the fault.

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    I've installed an ASUS USB N10 adapter and now have a good wireless connection with both the BT and the Apple TC routers.  Seems like the onboard wireless card is where the problem lies but there are no signs of damage to the wiring or antennae. What has caused this?  Who knows!

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    So that suggests that either your adapter or the wiring somehow degraded. Why did ti happen coincident with Mavericks???  Good question.


    I did have an adapter in a powerbook long ago that had a damaged wire.  People tried and diagnosed everything. Finally, when i went to pack it up and ship it back to Apple under warranty, i had to pull out the card. When i did i saw the condition of the ribbon.  QED.


    Good luck.  No one can diagnose a wifi chip/set remotely.



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    I found this thread while researching the same issue. Since setting up TL-Link range extenders, my MacBook Pro can't connect to the primary network. All I see is the greyed out wifi symbol with an exclamation point. Just as you noted, no other device has a problem. We've got 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, Microsoft Surface, an Android and a Windows Phone 8 that can see the network just fine and benefit from the range extenders. The MacBook Pro? Not so much.


    And I know it's an because of the range extenders, because my router puts out both a 2.4ghz and a 5ghz signal and I can connect with the non-extended 5ghz signal.


    I'm not sure what's causing this issue, but it's nice to see I'm not the only one.