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Hello.  I have a large batch of photos from a 12 day, family trip.  Over 4000 pictures coming in from various relatives cameras, and my goal is to whittle this down and put together a nice slide show AND a cd that has the best pics in a chronological order (I want to make this as easy for Grandma to look at/download as possible).  However, not everyone has correct 'time/date' settings, so Im spending a lot of time manually reordering.  (because of the inconsistant source/time stamping, I cannot order these by 'name' or 'date'.


So, Ive sorted all photos into albums for each of the 12 days, and within each album I have two folders.

ex: FOLDER 1: ALL Wednesday Pics (653 photos), and FOLDER 2: Wednesday Best (52 photos). 


Ive then gone into the 'Wednesday Best' folder and manually sorted the photos to make a more chronological order.


Ive repeated this for all 12 days.  Ive got everything in the order I would like.  Except they are in 12 separate little folders.


Where I get into trouble is I want to make one large 'master' slide show, but it seems every time I try duplicating/copying/moving a 'manually reordered' group of pictures, that order gets reset.


I want these pictures to remain in the order that I have spent hours and hours on.  And I cant figure out how to do this.  Can I lock them down or make sure this 'reordering' is set?


Any ideas?



thank you..!



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), iPhoto 11 version 9.2.1