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I've been running my Final Cut Pro version 6.06 on my Mac 0S X (v. 10.7.5) for years without an incident. This is the only machine it's installed on. I left a project open overnight, and when I came to it this morning there was an error: This application cannot continue because another application with an identical serial number is already running on another computer on your network.


The project then closes and everytime I try to reopen, the same error appears. If anyone can help fast I would appreciate it.


Again, this is the only computer running Final Cut Pro under my serial number, so I'm truly baffled as to why this problem came out of the blue. Restarting the computer's not helping. The only way I can use Final Cut right now is by disconnecting to the Internet.

Powermac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.6)