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Morgan Adams1 Level 1 (25 points)

My family has an iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Air and retina iPad mini. All with the latest iOS 7 updates, all on the same WiFi, all with Bluetooth and Airport enabled, and all set to Everyone.


Even when tested inches away, a using Safari to share a link exhibits the following:


- None of the devices can see the retina Mini, and it can't see any of them.


- The iPad 4 can see the iPad Air, but nobody can see the iPad 4.


- The iPad Air and iPhone 5 can see each other, but nobody else can see the iPhone.


Toggling AirDrop on and off (and using Apple's troubleshooting tips) doesn't help. But even of it did, it's not worth the hassle when email "just works." I have the patience to try lots of things to share something simple, and keep using AirDrop even if it works only occasionally. But the rest of my family is done spending time on it. It seems they will not be AirDrop users!


Can Air Drop Everyone be made to be reliable, or is it just not ready yet?


It would be great if I could just walk up to iOS users and share stuff, but currently it has been an embarrassing failure.