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Hello, is it possible to use an HDMI cable (with a thunderbolt to hdmi at both ends connected to the mac) Migration Assistant to send information from a mac to another mac? This is because I have the connectors and the wire, but I don't have a thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable. Thanks!!

MacBook Air
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    In a word "No"

    AThere are other ways though.

    What are the specs of each computer?

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    Mac Air 2011 and Mac Air 2012, both running Mavericks OS.

    I tried to migrate with Wifi but takes like 40 hours and always in the middle seems the connection fails and have to cancel migration.. Maybe I can do it through an External Hard Drive? Otherwise, I will have to buy the thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable, but was trying to avoid it since I don't find any other use for it. Thanks again!!