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I bought an Apple TV today but got disappointed with the video resolution. It degrades the resolution 2-3 seconds after the video starts. I have a Sony Blue Ray player and I watch the same videos using an app on the player and the quality is much better. Why I cannot get the same quality?  I checked the Apple TV settings and they are at 1080p 60HZ the same of my TV. I updated the firmware also.

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    what video?




    media from your shared itunes lib?



    it really make a lot of difference

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    Thanks Rudegar for showing interest on my question. The videos where the difference is more evident are HD videos from Vimeo. My TV is a Samsung LED Series 7000 with excellent image. It is really a frustrating situation because I did a research prior of buying the Apple TV and nobody said that the output is not fully 1080 HD.  The Apple TV is connected to a Sony Receiver STR-DH800. The degradation occurs even when I connect the Apple TV to an HDMI port on the TV. The main reason I decided to try the Apple TV was because the operating the remote control of  the Sony Blue Ray player is very cumbersome, but the quality of the image is awesome .