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I can't sync my calendar between my laptop and iPad mini. I don't want to use iCloud, especially as when I tried it, all my entries were duplicated, which took up the whole calendar. Other apps will sync, but the calendars refuse. What can I do?

iPad 2, iOS 7.0.4
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    YOu can sync via iTUnes and not use iCloud. When you connect your iPad to your computer  look for the 'info' tab. Then when you scroll down you should see the option to sync your calendar. Tap on that and sync and you can sync your calendar without messing with iCloud.


    Alternatively, its not quite syncing, but you can export your calendar from the calendar program, e--mail it to yourself, open that mail on your device and then save your calendar info from there.


    I've had to do it both of those ways because I export my work calendar and can't sync with my work computer, also when I upgraded to windows 8.1, iCloud wasn't compatible for about a month or two so I would have had a blank calendar for that time.

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    I can't find the Info tab. Is it on the laptop or mini?

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    It's on your laptop, in iTunes. On my version, when you click on the name of your device then you'll see the options with info over at the far right.


    It's your control panel to choose to sync contacts, calendars or notes with outlook.

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    Thanks! I dont know why but it randomly syncs with icloud sometimes then other times it doesnt so ive synced through itunes and will have to remember to do it frequently. Its annoying to see this post is from December 2013 on Apple's website yet the problem still persists.


    Thanks !